Registration/login guide

Open the registration/login form. Enter your email and password to log in. To register, enter the real passport data into the form, the email and come up with a password.

Please do not use a simple password. You will keep your funds on this account, so it is very important to choose a reliable and long password.

After the registration, a letter with a link to activate the account will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

Email from LIQNET is not arriving

Contact the customer support service at or describe the problem in a letter to

How to start trading

From the point of view of the logic of use, trading on the LIQNET exchange does not differ in principle from that on other cryptoexchanges. Register on the site, top up the balance and start earning!

Balance replenishment

You can top-up the balance in your personal account at

Where to see your balance

At the top of the screen, the balance for the current pair is displayed:

If you click on it, a form with balances will open for all accounts of the user. More detailed information can be found in your personal account.

What should I do if my account is hacked?

Contact the customer support service at or describe the problem in a letter to

How LIQNET differs from other exchanges

Liquidity for the LIQNET exchange is collected both by classical methods and by a separate mechanism based on the LEN technology of our own design. The LEN mechanism (Liquidity Exchange Network) collects and consolidates LIQNET exchange clients orders and orders from third-party platforms into a single order book and makes them available for trading to all LIQNET clients.

Will there be an opportunity to trade for fiat currencies?

Yes, there will be.

What is the LEN technology?

LEN is a mechanism that allows you to collect and aggregate data on buy/sell requests through an API from a variety of cryptoexchanges located anywhere in the world and form a single order book.

LEN aggregates orders into a single stream, so users can make deals at the best prices with a minimum spread.

LEN allows the LIQNET system to obtain from the standard depth model an improved model with additional liquidity at the meeting point of supply and demand.

As a result, LIQNET users work with a single order book, in which both the orders of the clients of this exchange are presented, as well as retranslated orders from other sites.

Where to buy the LEN tokens

During the ICO period, the LEN tokens can be purchased by sending ETHers to Liqnet Crowdsale. To do this, open, scan contract address and send ETHers.

Prospects for the growth of the exchange value of the LEN token

The exchange value of the LEN token will be determined in accordance with the demand and supply for it. The more users of the LIQNET platform, the more participants need the LEN tokens. The company does not give any forecasts and does not participate in the formation of the value of the tokens. For more information, see the White Paper.

When and where it will be possible to trade the LEN tokens

Trading tokens will be possible at LIQNET after the ICO.

Technical information on the LEN tokens
  • - Letter code of the token on the exchange: LEN
  • - Standard: ERC20
  • - The maximum number of tokens (provided that all tokens will be sold in the first three days): 3 500 000. After the ICO, the number of tokens issued will be recalculated depending on bonuses and fees, but no more than 3 500 000 (it is fixed in smartcontract).
  • - The price of one LEN token is $1
  • - Payment options: ETH
  • - During the ICO, the required number of tokens will be created automatically.
  • - Link to the ICO website:
  • - The mechanism for destroying tokens: the unused tokens are destroyed using the mechanism described in the smart contract.
How to connect an exchange or other project to LIQNET

LIQNET independently chooses and connects other exchanges or projects to itself. The choice is influenced by the holders of the tokens through voting.

I am a major investor / journalist / representative of the exchange / potential partner. How do I contact LIQNET?

You can contact the LIQNET team by e-mail Describe your question, and it will be answered by an appropriate specialist.

Links to the main documets
How to participate in the LIQNET's ICO

To participate in the LIQNET's ICO,, go to Join ICO and follow the instructions (send some ETHers to our crowdsale smartcontract).

Strategy if insufficient funds are raised at the ICO

Hard cap — $3.5 million.

If 95% of Hard cap is collected, the development of the acquiring service will be postponed until the moment when the necessary funds are earned on the commissions of the exchange.

If 90% of Hard cap is collected, the development of online wallet will also be postponed until the moment the necessary funds on the commissions of the exchange are earned.

If 40-90% of Hard cap is collected, the working capital will be proportionally reduced from 65% to 50%, while the proportion of other RM items will be proportionally increased.

Distribution of the investments

LIQNET's specialists are interested in creating the most profitable product, effectively using all the resources. Of particular importance is the development of a financial strategy and openness to investors. This schedule reflects the distribution of funds from ICO investors and is fair for fees of one hundred and more percent of Soft cap:

1. Circulating capital, because to supply the execution of orders, assets must be placed on platforms that generate liquidity. 65%
2. Registration of subsidiaries to have access to cryptocurrency platforms in closed jurisdictions. 5%
3. Connection of currency gateways.0,5%
4. Connection of additional payment systems that allow to accept payments made with MasterCard, Visa, and Union Pay. It is also possible to add PayPal and other similar systems. 3%
5. Equipment — purchase of spaces in data centers, equipment, and required software and subscription to its technical support, visits of the company's specialists to data centers to set up the systems safely. 2%
6. Connection and customization of professional trading apps — own desktop app, MultiCharts, МТ4, МТ5, and others. 2%
7. iOS and Android apps with a full personal account and with extensive trading capabilities. 1%
8. Online wallet with the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money with a push of a button and with the integration of the simplified service of cryptocurrency investing using paid and free built-in strategies, development of mobile apps. 5%
9. Acquiring service — development, connection of maps, improvement of the payments receiving app, payment terminal, etc., development of iOS and Android acquiring apps (the app is installed on a smartphone, it can scan QR codes and allows to accept payments for goods and services in cryptocurrencies). 5%
10. Team expansion.4%
11. Participation of the team in international conferences on specific subjects (fintech, the blockchain, Bitcoin, information security, engineering development). 0,5%
12. Improvement of speed, quality control, and information security of development processes of existing and additional components of the service by purchasing products of third-party companies, hiring design studios and testing teams. 2%
13. Marketing and advertising — to reach target audiences, widen the presence and increase popularity in various regions, study regional specifics, get formal independent assessments of trust for and stability of the company. 5%

Read the terms and conditions of the bounty program here:

About the company and employees

The company LIQNET is registered in Singapore - a jurisdiction with one of the most stringent and advanced legislations in the field of ICOs. Compliance with the requirements of Singaporean regulators ensures the company's reliable work not only on the local, but also on the international markets. Our global strategy is strict adherence to the laws of the most stringent jurisdictions. This is the best protection for LIQNET's customers, regardless of where they are located.

The legal address of the main office of the company: 149B TELOK AYER STREET #03 SINGAPORE (068607).

You can learn more about the main members of the LIQNET team in the corresponding section of White Paper.

Rules and policies
Information for residents of the United States, Singapore and other jurisdictions with the regulation of the turnover of tokens/cryptocurrencies

To purchase the tokens, if required under the laws of your country, you must confirm that you are not an affiliated person or representative of the United States, Singapore, Canada, China, South Korea, or any other related jurisdiction, and provide all necessary documents for the KYC procedure at the request of the company, as described in paragraph 8 of Token Sales Agreement.


Arbitrage is multiple logically related transactions aimed at extracting profit from the difference in prices for identical or related assets at the same time in different markets (spatial arbitration) or in the same market at different times (temporary arbitration, ordinary exchange speculation).

Order book is a table of limit orders for the purchase and sale of assets on the stock or cryptocurrencies market. Each application contains the price (quotation) and the number of units of the asset.

Volatility is a statistical and financial indicator that characterizes the variance of a price.

Market depth is an assessment of the volume of transactions on a particular market, conducting which does not cause a change in prices.

Derivative is an agreement between two parties under which they assume an obligation or acquire the right to transfer a particular asset or amount of money within a specified time (or before its occurrence) at an agreed price. "Derivative" is a general name for a class of derivative financial instruments (examples of derivatives: futures, options).

Closed jurisdiction is any territory whose current legislation, in one way or another, creates restrictions on the activities of companies and individuals from other jurisdictions, in particular in the financial sphere, and in particular in the field of turnover of cryptocurrencies and related services. Closed jurisdictions may also include regions, access to which is limited due to the specifics of the market and the positions of those already operating in such a domain.

Clearing is an activity to define and set off mutual obligations of participants in the stock or cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency acquiring is a technology that is a sort of acquiring and allows you to accept cryptocurrencies in online stores or real outlets.

Liquidity is the ability of assets to be quickly sold at a price close to the market price.

Volume of a trading position is the size of an order to buy or sell an asset.

Option is an agreement whereby the buyer of the option (potential buyer or potential seller of the underlying asset: commodity, security, cryptocurrency) receives the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell the asset at a predetermined price at a specified time or period. In this case, the seller of the option must sell the asset accordingly or buy it from the option buyer per its terms.

Order is an order to buy/sell an asset at a price that is specified in advance, or at a better price.

Spread is the difference between the best prices of requests for sale (ask) and purchase (bid) of some asset at the same time.

Cross-section is a copy of the data for a period or at a particular point in time.

Fiat, fiduciary currencies are money, the nominal value of which is established and guaranteed by the state, regardless of the value of the material from which it is made, or their provision with a particular resource.

Futures is a contract between the seller and the buyer which provides for the delivery of a specific product, shares, services or cryptocurrencies in the future at a price fixed at the time of the conclusion of the futures. The parties bear obligations to the stock exchange up to the execution of the futures.

CFD-contract (contract for the price difference) is an agreement between two parties - the seller and the buyer - on transferring the difference between the current value of the asset at the time of entering into the contract/opening the position and its value at the end of the contract/closing position. TradingView,

>Multicharts, MT5 (MetaTrader 5) are trading terminals from third-party developers.

LIQNET Security

To ensure the security of user data and tools, we implemented the following protective measures:

  • - two-step authentication;
  • - system of replicated geo-distributed servers with the possibility of scaling;
  • - geo-distributed array of hot, conditionally hot, cold wallets, as well as addresses with a multisignature for each cryptocurrency;
  • - a background clearing system that checks the correctness of current balances and I/Os between full cross-sections, and when a discrepancy registers a dangerous state, it transfers funds to cold wallets and multisignature addresses.
LIQNET accounts in instant messengers and social networks

Customer care is the main principle and reason for the existence of LIQNET.

LIQNET's clients can receive information about the project through the most convenient channels online. Join our groups, communicate with company representatives and other users:

How to profit from the LEN tokens if I do not trade on the exchange?

The LEN token holders receive a discount on the exchange's commission of up to 90% and gain access to the voting service to take part in making decisions on a number of key issues. The clear benefits of owning tokens provide the demand.

The exchange value of the LEN token will be determined in accordance with the demand and supply. The more users of the LIQNET platform, the more participants need LEN tokens.

Additionally, based on the results of votings of the token holders, it is possible that a buy-out of tokens at current prices at LIQNET will be done to ensure the demand in order to avoid sales at low prices and access to ultra-low discounts in huge volumes.

How will LIQNET make profits?

LIQNET's earnings are based on the commission for trading cryptocurrencies and own arbitration.

Does LIQNET have competitors?

We are the first. By the second quarter, LIQNET did not have a single efficient competitor on the global market. Exchanges-aggregators are being developed and sooner or later will open for traders, but by this time LIQNET will gain valuable experience and a large client base.

Has LIQNET already connected the largest exchanges?

LIQNET will connect to exchanges as their client. To connect, you must deposit funds and receive trading limits. This is exactly why the funds are being collected through the ICO.

Why will large exchanges connect to LIQNET?

LIQNET gives them an additional volume of transactions. It is beneficial to all.

Will LIQNET receive permission from the Singapore Securities Commission to issue securities?

This is not required, since LIQNET issues Utility Tokens (the company issues them to customers to finance their future purchases, utility tokens do not perform the function of securities).

Why is the mostly Russian team in Singapore?

In recent years, Singapore has done a great job of creating legislation that meets the most modern requirements of the cryptocurrency market. Strict laws of Singapore are primarily aimed at protecting traders, so LIQNET wants to meet the advanced requirements of local regulators, working ahead of time for most other jurisdictions. We are proud of this.

The office in Singapore allows LIQNET to respond quickly to changes in both the legislative and business landscapes, because there is a very high concentration of blockchain projects and specialists there. This is the best place to conduct a global business in cryptocurrency trading.

Does the office in Singapore function or was it created for the sake of a legal address?

At the moment, LIQNET has decided on the opening of a legal entity in Singapore. We are planning activities and recruiting specialists. Among their tasks will be marketing, strategic planning, investor search and technical support. The opening of the office is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021.

In the current active phase of preparation for entering the market, we decided to concentrate the entire team, including founders, developers, marketers and managers, in Russia. This allows us to minimize delays between decisions and their implementation. In the future, remote offices of LIQNET will be united by round-the-clock communication using advanced technologies of corporate interaction.