Brand Name
  • Cryptocurrency exchange market

    Worldwide cryptocurrency trading volumes are growing during last years.


    These markets will be growing during next years.

  • 13 779 000 000 000


    *Trading Volume by from may 21 to apr 22

CEX Options

This exchange type is loosing ground for DEX & HEX.

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    • Fast trading (more than 10000 transactions per second)
    • Rich trading strategies (with various order types depending on exchange)
    • The highest liquidity at this moment

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    • Centralized storage of end-users cryptocurrency assets
    • on trade mulfunctions CEX can interpret the situation in its favor
    • End-users risk to lose their assets due to possible hacker attacks & scam
    • No easy way to invest assets to liquidity
    • User accounts can be blocked by government or CEX Administration


Exchanges of this type are currently growing fast.

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    • End-users control their assets
    • End-users get easy way to invest their assets with liquidity pools (Automated Market Maker)
    • User accounts can not be blocked by government or DEX Administration

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    • Low trading speed
    • Possible frontrunning
    • Liquidity is lower than CEX. Big trading volumes affect price vastly
    • Poor order diversity (no limit orders, no take profit, etc)
    • Trades can't realize complex strategies


Mostly used for trading crypto vs FIAT money.

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    • Various local payment methods on trading cryptocurrencies against fiat money

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    • Insufficient control of the trade
    • Risk to lose assets
    • Risk of hackers attacks
    • The lowest liquidity


Partially solving DEX problems with some security risks.

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    • End-users partially control their assets
    • Trading speed is faster than any DEX
    • Rich trading strategies (with various order types depending on exchange)
    • End-users get easy way to invest their assets with liquidity pools (Automated Market Maker)

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    • On trade malfunctions HEX can interpret the situation in its favor
    • Risk to lose assets
    • Risk of hacker attacks

Our solution: LIQNET DEX

Central part is our own developed TradeChain.

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    Our own product TradeChain developed for FastTrading (more than 10 000 trades/per second), deep liquidity(end-users+ LiquidityExchangeNetwork+ AutomatedMarketMaker), sequential trades (no frontrunning), liquidity pools compatible.

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    Deposists & Withdrawals

    LIQNET TradeChain connects with EVM compatible chains (Ethereum, Tron, Polygon, and others) by open universal bridge connector. With it everyone can provide additional bridges.

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    Users can earn & participate in TradeChain by becoming validators & full-nodes. Also everyone can easily invest to our liquidity pools (AMM);

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    Separate LIQNET SmartChain on PoS & EVM compatible for DecentralizedApplications.

  • Comparison

    With others technologies.

    • speed


      Faster than leaders CEX & HEX.

    • lock


      Super safe.

  • Product

    LIQNET CEX MVP Done. LIQNET DEX MVP under development.

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      Currently we are converting our CEX to DEX.

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      Liquidity Exchange Network is tested on our CEX & is ready to provide additional liquidity to markets on our DEX.

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      100% of tokens & company shares belong to founders. We are ready to sell 5% of them.

    • layers

      Complex strategies

      We provide Limit, Market, Stop, Stop-Limit, Trailing-Stop, If-Done, One-Cancels-Other, If-Done-One-Cancels-Other & Scaling orders.

  • Liquidity Exchange Network

    Is our own developed technology to combine liquidity from several exchanges into one place.

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  • RoadMap

    We need 1M$ to complete convertation from CEX into DEX to become technology leader exchange. We use funding to rebuild backend to TradeChain, start SmartChain & modernize UI.
    Our LEN Token will be used in TradeChain & SmartChain to pay transaction fees.

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      Most of capital raised will be used for product developing.

    • verified


      We are ready to show monthly reports.

    • wallet


      Money can be invested gradually 100 000$ per month.

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      Our company is based in Singapore. All Intellectual Property belongs to company.

  • Payback period

    DEX trading volumes is around 4.22B$ per day

    if investor purchases 5% of our shares for 1M$, he would be getting 3000$ per day and his Payback Period would be less than a year.

    • DEX trading volumes are constantly growing.

    • Our predictions is that trading volumes of DEX exchanges would grow to 20B$ per day.

    • We are looking forward to get 0.5% of DEX market.

    • Average commission on DEX is 0.1% per transaction.

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    • 20B$ trading volumes bring 20M$ trading commissions.

    • When we achieve getting 1% of market we would be getting 1% of total market commissions which goes to 200 000$ of revenue per day.

    • When we pay all taxes, salaries and all other costs we would have 12 000$ profit left.

    • Retention ratio for the company is going to be 0.5 so 60 000$ per day would be paid as dividends to share holders.

Features optimizations

While LIQNET DEX is under development we are thinking about next tech steps:

  • hub


    Deploying additional invest & trading (robot) strategies powered by DEX to our MultiChain wallet.

  • stream


    DEX Service for end-users that allows traders to share their strategies.

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    WEB3 connect

    Developing additional API for integration with dApps & Services.

  • insights

    Margin Trading

    P2P Leverage market.

  • contactless


    Internet acquiring service based on fast convertation.

  • nature_people

    Community Growed

    We invest to raise SmartChain & multiply community & dApps on it.

Contact Us

Feel free to ask anything about our startup.